Hip-Hop and R and B - Snoop Respects the Game

So after my first post about the new hybrid hip-hop and R and B, I had to sit back and think about some times when the two genres melded together well. One big instance brought to light was Snoop Dogg and Sexual Seduction (Sensual Seduction for those who are familiar with the video version).

Tell me that's not the greatest picture ever

See Snoop isn't your run of the mill rapper ternt sanga. Snoop knows his musical history and it is evident in all of his earlier releases. Who doesn't remember Doggy Dogg world?

Snoop is an iconic artist whose career and sound was shaped by such legends as George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band. Thus it was no surprise to see him end up singing and to a lesser extent using "auto tune" although he used much more creatively and more to it's original intent than most of the others. Look at the video, he has the keytar and tube just like the "Computer Love" originator, the late Roger Troutman of Zapp. (I'm dropping some history in here too.)

When i look at these new artists, trust me I am not talking about Snoop in any negative light because he knows what he is doing.


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