VH1 Hip-Hop Honors

Now I must say I have been a fan of the show and it's inception with a true highlight being the fact that new artists and other hip-hop icons perform songs that inspired them as they entered the game and occasionally by their contemporaries. In fact the entire show to me has always been predicated on that idea. This year, the format was slightly different because the show honored the label Def Jam and not individual artists. This wasn't bad at all. In fact, this was a great idea.

In execution, the show could have been pulled off better. The highlight or me was the opening where Black Thought and Eminem did "Rock the Bells" by LL Cool J. After that, things were solid, but not great. I was not excited to see the stars of Def Jam's era performing their own songs. This show is supposed to honor or pay homage to the songs. I'm sure vh1 could have found 6-8 artists who could pull off the various hits from the Def Jam catalog. Or even iller, they could have had the artists do each others songs. Imagine Red and Meth doing EPMD songs? That would be hot fire. Bring out Luda and X and have them do some Onyx with Red and Meth- crazy. Ross was dressed to do this song:

The second problem that I had was the lack of time spent with the golden period from the late 80's to the mid 90's on what made Def Jam great. How did VH1 get away with only doing one LL song? How do you not have "Bad" and "I Need Love" on the playlist? One Beastie Boys song and one joint from EPMD is just criminal. Then you look at the fact they didn't perform "This is How we Do It" from Montell Jordan, or anything from Slick Rick. Who was in charge of the playlist? Yet they had time to have Rick Ross fat ass come out and perform "Husslin'" .

I'm just saying I had come to truly expect some hotness from Hip-Hop Honors because they always represented for the artists that I came up listening to. It is always great to see the younger generation watch these guys because a lot of people tend to get forgotten, like Oran "Juice" Jones who got 45 seconds of time from Tracey Morgan. We have got to do better promoting our history people. VH1 I love what you do with the show, just keep that in mind for next year-and Trey Songs is never allowed to sing "Regulators" again.


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