As is Hip-Hop Awards - Biggest Disappointment

No one ever gives someone the hip-hop equivalent of a "Razzie", the award for being terrible. Until now, this is not the category you really want to be in because that means they hype didn't match the actual product. Let's start:

Number 5:

Jim Jones - Pray iv Reign. Now it's not that I expected much from Jimmy but he should be good for a club anthem or maybe two and some new "swagger" terms. However, "Pop Champagne" was wack- nah, terrible. At least "We Fly High" had the catchy hook and beat. But this entire joint was straight up ass crack.

Number 4:

Now since my "awards" are starting with last November, Kanye still qualifies for this year's award. I don't care what anyone says, this shit was terrible. Sure "Love Lockdown" had drums that killed, and "Heartless" overall was a tight song but that's where it stops. Ye should never have been so arrogant to think that he could just do anything and have the people eat it up...oh wait, a lot of people did but I'm not falling for it. I could applaud his "originality" but he just tried to jack T-pain for his whole gimmick.

Number 3:

Now Jada also makes the best albums of the year list because hip-hop was just that bad this year. Now a lot of people were feeling the Last Kiss. I am not one of them. The best song was "Letter to Big", the second best was the single with Ne-yo, and the third best featured OJ da Juiceman. That is not what I come to expect from a Kiss album. I am tired of hearing him rap about coke on the scales and how real he is compared to me. This was supposed to bring NY back all it did was hold it back.

Number 2:

Kid Cudi was supposed to be one of those "Next Big Thing" can't miss type of guys that was pumped heavily. Point blank he failed to deliver. His lyrics were garbage, his concepts were okay, and the tracks were all set up in some experimental manner. The album was a dud, but not the biggest just because he was a new artist.

Number 1:

However, Fabolous doesn't have that excuse. "Loso's Way" was supposed to be the second album to bring NY back all leading up to the Blueprint 3. This was a failure. staid beats and lazy rhymes on un-original topics helped to shoot down all of Fab's prospects of having success. After all this time, we needed to really learn who Fab was and he only scratched the emotional surface on one song. Otherwise I was bored to death listening to this album "Throw it in the Bag" didn't even have the normal verve that Fab's singles normally possess. Congrats Fab you won something this year.


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