album Review- Stat Quo- Great Depression

Okay, so Stat is trying to show his intellect by titling his album something that could be taken deeply. Similarities to DMX aside, Stat was an artist that intrigued me from the moment he signed to Shady Records a few years back. Last year he got his release and has been building to this point, bringing out his own independent album.

So Stat starts off with a decidedly different sonic vibe than the average southern artist. with a voice that holds less bass than most and a thicker accent while rapping, Stat is truly unique. The first song, "Almost Home" sounds more like a Common album song than a southern artist but Stat is more than capable on the track. "In California" switches the tempo up immediately with the West Coast sound but Stat stumbles a bit by copping out and cursing when it's unnecessary. "Stylin" then takes the album to another sound with an extremely simple beat that Stat works rather well.

The varied sound continues until he returns to a hybrid of the soul and southern style on "Soul Clap" which is a real highlight on this album as Stat does his own "hip-hop" track. In fact, Quo shines the most over beats influenced from other areas more than the ones that sound more southern. "In God We Trust" and "How it Goes" are truly high quality tracks and though Stat does seem to run low on witty lyrics, he never loses the feeling in the songs. To a non-southerner, the heavy accent is something to work through but that can't deter you.

The low points aren't as many but "That's Me" and "Suck ma Dick" just seem like songs he felt compelled to throw in to relate himself to the bigger Southern artists. "Go Ham" just confuses the hell out of me, sorry.

(This is old but it rocks)

Overall, Stat is a guy you have to generally like. He took the time and showed the talent that got him signed to Shady records in the first place. With better direction and some more time spent tightening up and perfecting his verses he could have really put out something special and unexpected. As it stands, the album is more than worth the listen especially if you are looking for a more polished "gangster rap" type of album.

Rating: 3/5


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