As Is Hip Hop Awards - Best Collaboration

This is a category that you can say was created primarily by Method Man and Mary J. Blige with "You're All I Need" which might be the greatest collaboration of all times and one that showed this format could really work. Now the majority of songs you hear on the radio are going to feature a rapper and a singer, and even now, multiple singers, one of whom is always off-key or flat (ex. Sean garrett and Mario).

Number 5:

This is the most boring song on the radio right now to me. Hearing "Successful" with Trey Songs and Drake makes me want to dig my ears out as they whine about their hardships. However, this song isn't the normal flossy bubblegum that dominates the airwave and it gets major airplay so I have hope that more original music can get exposure.

Number 4:

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may think I'm stupid but I'm not. I know this song is about Eminem and his scathing disses of the Pop diva. But "Obsessed" rocks and it is no real surprise to hear Mariah getting gully with Gucci on the track. This guy was everywhere in 2009 after his release from jail and the work paid off with a huge single.

Number 3:

The Blueprint 3 isn't the opus it was intended to be but "Run This Town" is a huge single for the boy Hov. The beat bangs both in the club and as a hard hip-hop song. The verses are straight even if Rihanna's hook is the worst thing I have ever heard. I will never understand why she is allowed to be an artist with a voice like that. But the song is hot.

Number 2:

This one is 2 guys singing and one rapping so it doesn't count as a posse cut, but Jamie Foxx put out one of the hottest remixes of the year with this version of Ne-yo's single. That some ill "new industry" working for you. Fabolous spit his best verse of the year and the joint went crazy.

Number 1:

Those songs have all been in heavy rotation but not like "Turnin Me On" . Keri Hilson and Lil' Wayne killed radio for the first 4 months off of this one song. The beat from polow the don banged off seriously and Wayne actually thought about his verse a little bit. Keri did her thing and made the single that "energy" couldn't be.

Hope you weren't looking for Lil Wayne


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