What Happened to Cassidy?

I was listening to a compilation of Cassidy joints the other day and I really had to wonder where he went and why did he fall off so fast? This guy had hit singles galore and made albums of a decent quality. He also had street rep and battling skills for anyone who wanted to test his validity as an artist.

Apparently there was a G-unit beef? I never knew that. In any regard, it seems amazing to me that Cass is now relegated to trying to bounce back while being signed to Carmelo Anthony's record label.

The biggest problem I have with him is that after his car crash and subsequent murder trial, he never seemed to learn and kept the gun talk very much evident in his rhymes, though the claims still rang hollow. I think as a listener I wanted to hear more from Cassidy than what I could get from everyone else. He showed potential but you can only get away with saying you will still kill me but you go to church once before it gets real annoying.

This is my favorite example of how good he could have been though I think the last verse shouldn't have been about himself.


  1. I don't know what he is up to, but I do know one thing. Hip Hop fans failed in realizing true talent. Like you said, great hits, great beats, great street credit. This guy is fire, my favorite song is my drank and my two step. He is straight dank, but unfortunately rap fans are on some fake shit. Atleast freestyle kings and street niggas look up to him like a str8 lord of lyrics.


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