As Is Hip-Hop Awards - Single of the Year

This award right here is for the hottest single joint of the year. I can admit at least two of these songs annoy me to no end. However, the radio tells me something different and to a certain extent, I have to go along with the will of the people.

Number 5:

Heartless was the best song off of Kanye's 808's and Heartbreaks with a banging beat and a hook that actually didn't sound bad. The song fit right within the range that T-Pain normally occupies and took off, pushing the album's sales and giving people the perception that it was actually a hot album.

Number 4:

Run This Town might just be Jay-z's biggest single. After all of these years and work, he might have finally struck gold after telling everyone he doesn't usually have monster hits. This song gets played on at least 3 stations at the same at leats once a day and probably more. I still hate the chorus but I like Jay's verses on the song.

Number 3:

Drake may not have an album out but the "Best I Ever Had" had every girl swooning and dreaming that Drizzy was singing/ rapping about them. The song made since had the "I Need Love" feel and the great promotion to keep it in heavy rotation. The video however, made no sense at all when compared with the song, but it hasn't hurt Drake's momentum in the least.

Number 2:

Here is where the controversy will start. I cannot stand "Turn My Swag On" but that isn't why it's not the hottest joint of the year. "Turn My Swag on" is the official get money anthem for a lot of people this year. Soulja Boy raps about getting paper and showing off for the haters and he apparently inspires people by doing this. Personally I don't get it but the song blew up at a time when people thought Soulja Boy was dead in the water.

Number 1:

I'm not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas either but they made the biggest smash of the summer with "Boom Boom Pow". Not only did it play on top 40 pop stations since the spring in ultra-heavy rotation, but in late August, it moved to urban radio and is seeing regular spins. that is the most surprising aspect because the Peas never spin on urban radio let alone after top 40 has had it for months. They performed the unheard of, the reverse crossover.


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