As Is Hip Hop Awards - Best Video Beef Moment

Now this is an exciting category thanks to the likes of Onsmash, RealRapNY, and Worldstar Hip-hop which all have had a major role in promoting hip-hop "beef" and entertaining vlogs from artists over the past year. Some of what I saw this year was incredibly ridiculous but the biggest thing that I would say is 50 Cent and Joe Budden were the kings of online media in 2009.

Number 5:

Ransom's homie punches Joe Budden's homie's brother

Exactly. I hope I'm not the only one confused by this convoluted altercation. This is why rap beef cannot exist, idiots take the shit too far involving other folks getting emotional and violent when in the end it doesn't matter.

Number 4:

Joe Budden gets snuffed by one of Raekwon's goons.

Now Joe is my dude and on occasion he flaps his yap too much. But this annoyed me because it all started over the fact that he had an opinion about another rapper. It then excalated to Raekwon and some goons going and stealing on Budden while he was online chatting with fans with Mickey Factz present. A black eye on hip-hop for real.

smh @ Joey - Fail!

Number 3:

Now the 50 Cent Rick Ross beef sparked the year off right. I'm still not sure why Ross was so mad. Was it because he was holding down Joe Crack? Was it because 50 didn't speak to him at an award show? I will never know. What I do know is I believed Ross for a long time, especially while his goons on the side remained silent. Them niggas look it's a different story as Torch and Gunplay as they are called now are rappers and blah blah blah. I must admit the archival footage of Gunplay getting layed out was a surprise. Not because niggas don't get knocked out, but who the hell was recording six years ago and how the hell did Fif get the footage?

Number 2:

Okay, enough with the snuffings in hip-hop. Here is the icing on the 50 and Ross cake. The crazy thing is that Ross survived this next assault. This tells me hip-hop ain't bout shit no more because after this exposure, someone supposed to get snuffed, or someone's career should be over.

First Baby momma #2 here is seen getting it on as a call girl with a sex tape.

Then there is the shopping spree in NY with Tia, Baby Momma #1. I can;t find that video but here she is yapping:

number 1:

This is another reason I respect 50. Thisis50 was just another record label run artist website before all of this beef happened. Then it became the place for breaking videos. My favorite was the "Pimpin' Curly" series because it showed another side of 50 and let him manipulate someone else's portrayal of him.


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