Newcomer of the Year

The Rookie of the year often has to overcome massive expectations as the hype from their debuts normally overwhelms them and underwhelms the public. This years nominees have had vast power pushing them all more than any class ever before. The stakes have never been higher for these new artists as they attempt to make waves in the game.

Number 5

Wale is the hope not only for D.C. , but the entire Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area is hoping that Wale can put out an album that brings the spotlight to the area if not like the South, then at least that of the Midwest. Though the hype has been immensem from what I have heard, Wale is wildly inconsistent and though the push has been put forward the results have been middling. Hopefully the potential he flashed on his mixtapes and the song with Yong Chris and put it together on the full album.

Number 4:

Kid Cudi actually dropped an album this year unlike anyone else on this countdown but he would have been better off not doing it because it was straight trash. Thats not nice but it is the harsh reality. I still don't understand the appeal of day-n-nite where Cudi "sang" his way through the song but some people loved it. Too bad that was all he had worth hearing.

Number 3:

The West Coast is like a seperate entity from the rest of hip-hop right now. The East Coast is flailing in the water and anything from the South makes the news, the West, not so much. At the very least it is it's own animal with artists having the ability to make sales amongst their peers is an advantage. Nipsey Hussle has emerged as one of the most polished left coast acts as well as one of the most talented. His songs and mixtapes all give off the true West Coast feel better than anyone since Snoop. One major debut I am totally waiting for.

Number 2:

This might not seem right as Drake has one of the biggest songs on radio right now, is part of the hottest young stable, and is fresh off the teen hit Degrassi in Canada. All of this is why I dont think he should be rookie of the year if you will. He has too much help. Everything is being put on his plate for him from his record deal, to songs with Jay-z and Mary J. Blige. Not to say he isn't a hard worker but when you have that much white collar muscle behind you, and the next man doesn't yet has just as much buzz, I have to give it to him, no matter how much it pains me.

Number 1:

You may laugh because of my disdain for Gucci Mane but I have to respect this guy's hustle. We all laughed at So icey when it came out. That had to be one of the worst songs ever to hit the radio. Then Gucci had a hit with Freaky gurl but went to jail before he could reap the benefits. Finally, Gucci got free this year and managed to drop like 6 mixtapes and develop and launch another person's career in OJ da Juiceman. Then he went on to feature in songs by Mario and Mariah Carey amongst all of the other rap songs he was on. I don't have to like it but 2009 was the year of Gucci.


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