5 Star Chick

Now Im watching this lame video from Yo Gotti for his 5 Star Chick remix and I'm getting so annoyed. All of this new age music is about "stuntin" and showing how much money you have or waste rather. First of all, if these people are such ballers shouldn't they have more than a lame ass white background video? and second what happened to Nicki Minaj's verse. Trina's was way better as was her flow and delivery and her look. Nicki is a prettier girl in general however it dodn't come across in the video.

But even worse than the video is the song itself. What is a 5 star chick? Well according to Yo gotti. She is damn near anyone. However, in all verses what is mentioned is her carrying Louie or Gucci bags of some sort and spending too much money on her shoes. You see we tend to put all of our emphasis on things that we can hold in our hands or show off to our friends.

I mean just because a woman gets her weave done regularly, and keeps her nails done does not mean she is worth a damn. Maybe thats the difference between myself and other real adults who won't even acknowledge or pretend that those are the truly important things in life. It sucks and is very annoying to hear this useless crap being promoted primarily to a group of people who don't even truly own the basic essentials for life.

How about we promote education instead of taking trips. Instead of talking about your swagger, why can't we talk about how to make long term investments. We could keep buying whips but wouldn't it be better to invest in businesses that both improve the community and provide jobs and a sense of pride? That does not mean clubs, liquor stores, salons, barbershops, and bars. We have more than enough of those already. The same goes for rim shops when people don't even own homes but they driving in Donks.

The consistent and constant pumping of this garbage has totally undermined the credibility of hip-hop music as a positive force. We have gone from the days of "Ladies First" to the era where it is all about what you have on your bag at that moment and nothing else.


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