Album Review- Triple C's- Custom Cars and Cycles

So my regular followers know I'm not a Rick Ross fan. His music is a waste of time to me because it's the same old thing with little to no redeeming quality. Yes, i'm on a rant again because I think there is a need for people to know when I really mean what I put in reviews. The last album Ross put out I was forced to admit wasn't the worst thing ever created and was much better than Fab's. I even included that in the album of the year category. Thus I know what to expect from his crew, the Triple C's and it is a great marketing idea to call them that instead of the Carol City Cartel and to name the album something with three C's.

The production is exactly what I expect from Ross and the Maybach music crew. A lot of "Runners" and "Cool and Dre" and the assorted others that make up the new sound of Miami. The album starts out with "Custom Cars and Clips" where they make it obvious if you didn't know, that all of this is all for the money. The biggest question is how much will Ross need to carry this group. In fact I don't even know any other voices other than that of Gunplay who really shouldn't be rapping. I'm pretty sure someone is helping him most of the time though he is the "gutter" one of the group and the only other interesting personality.

"White Sands" and "Break it Down" are the best examples of what I just said about Gunplay. Especially "Break it Down" where his simple verse works by getting right to the core of who he is. Basically the album is one long song through the first nine songs, one long track about balling, stunting, and selling dope. Song titles, "We Gettin it", "Throw it in the Sky", "Customized", "Go" featuring Birdman, "Trickin Off" with Gucci, and "Erry Day" with Jeezy and JW.

The album suddenly turns left around track 10 when The Game shows up on "Gangsta Shit" (as a side note like every album I have heard recently has a song titled gangster or gangster shit where is the originality?). The album enters it's "radio friendly" mode then with Masspike Miles on two songs, "Finer Things" which is another Ross-style chick track about how much he flosses and can upgrade a woman, and "Huslta" which I think speaks for itself. There is more r and b flavor on "Diamonds and Maybachs pt. 2" featuring someone named Suede Royale. "Chickn Talkn" with Warren G and Mack 10 adds another dimension to the album, sort of, and the album ends with "Yams pt. 2" with Yo Gotti.

Look this is a take it or leave it album. There is no depth to it at all. The album is entirely about flossing and balling out of control and if you're like me, that's not enough. For most of the people whom this album targets, they will love it because it doesn't stray from the formula at all. The production does seem stale through the first two thirds of the album but thats more due to the track layout than production itself. The biggest drawback is that Ross is the only one who actually has rap skills and Gunplay's personality isn't enough to make up for his lyrical deficiencies. The rest of the group is forgettable for the most part which turns this into a duo more than anything else.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. lol. Your hate for Rick Ross cracks me up! The vid you posted is the second song I've heard from these clowns, and I can now say that they are hot, stank- gabbage. No originality, nothing to say, no creativity at all. Rappers having groups is almost always a miss, never hit, situation. Officer Rawse keeps that tradition going strong

  2. lol I just want folks to know before they read any further. Yeah the guys in the group are always cheap clones of whoever the major artist is. Most of these guys don't have any story to tell which is why they aren't original.

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