They thought 50 was dead

Then he comes and hits you over the head with this shit here:

This joint cannot be denied and I don't care where the beat came from. This is the type of shit Jay was supposed to have on Blueprint 3 if he was really tryna make a statement. It didn't have to be "crimewave" but he needed some hard shit to follow up "D.O.A." and "Run This Town".

This beat knocks, the song rocks and this is what Fif is about.


  1. I like how the intro before the intro has lucasarts-quality graphics, then the shotgun wound looks like barbecue sauce on a wrinkly shirt lol! Son spent all his budget on that intro

    I fux with this song, it's not great imo, but I appreciate Fif coming back to this style of music. We all know he's not killing people anymore, but as long as he does the gangsta-rap well I'm good

  2. lmao I wasn't even looking at the effects because the video wasn't creative at all lol. Yeah this is his comfort zone.


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