B.E.T. has too many award shows...

I was looking at the site because I saw a post by Black Canseco over at his blog and I said let me see what buffoonery this "network" is promoting now. Of course for their annual "rap" awards show, there are like four nominees overall in 15 categories. Okay I am exaggerating because there are video director of the year, dj, and producer of the year categories that they couldn't find a way to squeeze Jay-z, Lil Wayne, and Drake into, though Kanye West made the producer category as well as damn near everything else.

I don't expect much from B.E.T. so I might actually break down the categories at a later date, hell B.E.T. is such a good fodder for traffic because they are so asinine, I could get several blogs out of this debacle. I hope they let 50 give Kanye an award.

Who Am I?

What kills me is categories like "People's Champ" which means what exactly? Shouldn't Paul Wall get that every year since he claimed that title years ago? I am assuming this category is for a song as the nominees are "Ice Cream paint Job" by Dorrough, "Throw it in the Bag" by Fabolous, "Turn My Swag on" By Soulja Boy, "Day-n-Nite" By Kid Cudi, and "Amazing" by Kanye. All of those songs are ass to me but would go with Ice Cream Paint Job over all the rest of that trash.

Then they have the "Made-You-Look" style award with Jay, Cudi, Kanye, Soulja Boi, and Wayne being the nominees. I'm pretty sure Jim "Swag" Jones is gonna be upset about that one. Truthfully they should re-name this award after Puffy but that's
just me.

One Eye Willie Isn't Happy

The biggest issue I have is with people who haven't even put out albums. How can you really get all these award nominees and you didn't actually have any material. I looked at the rookie of the year category: Wale- no album, Drake-no album, B.O.B.- no album, Kid Cudi- album just came out last week, and Dorrough- who should win by default.

LOL- Look at his shirt

The other categories are just as bad. No nominations for Kiss, Rick Ross only has one, Jim Jones has one, Cam has none, nothing for Slaughterhouse, KRS-one, Raekwon, Freeway, Gucci, OJ da Juiceman, Ludacris. This is abysmal. Who will speak up and truly create an award show that truly holds our music in a high regard and that isn't going to just look to the same names because there are some dumbasses who refuse to think.

B.E.T. ought to be ashamed for purporting this offense as an official glorification of hip-hop. And I better not here one person go "Let's shout out some support to my man Kanye".

So- be on the look out here for our own as is hip-hop awards.


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