As Is Hip-Hop Awards- Album of the year

So this is the big one in my own personal award ceremony. The Album of the year. The grand enchilada of all awards. Now my finalists are definately not the orthodox when you would look at most hip-hop publications/ sites/ broadcasters. Let's start:

Number 5:

The Last Kiss

I didn't like Jada's album at all and this shows how week the year's hip-hop releases are when a Kiss album is in the top 5 and it is legit. Dude has no variety what-so-ever and the three best songs are one with OJ the Juiceman, Ne-yo, and Letter to BIG and this guy is supposed to be a hardcore street lyricist. This was a disappointment but when looking at the other major releases, Jada still did better than most of them.

Number 4:

Deeper Than Rap

Ross' biggest push came from his beef with 50 Cent and some in my circle believe that a payoff was involved to get Ross over as a "face" in WWE style. The beats all followed the same basic style and Ross' lyrics aren't going to wow anyone but his flow is there and he does paint the vivid image of the glamorous Miami Dope life better than anyone else in the game.

Number 3:


Em's long awaited album didn't bring the passion that I was hoping for but he did bring back some of that craziness and creativity that made him an underground legend. Still, I was hoping for some more social commentary and depth than I got. I'm still waiting on Relapse 2.

Number 2:

Blueprint 3

Woaaaaah, don't just scroll to see what I picked as the album of the year just yet. Read why Jay didn't make it to the number one spot. The album was good, the best as in being put together having radio friendliness but it was safe, too safe. Jay talked the entire time about changing the game and giving hip-hop the Blueprint on how to make it in the game and put out quality music. At the end of the day, the album didn't come out as anything new in a direction for hip-hop. At times, it seemed as if Jay wasn't sure what he wanted to do with the album or which direction he wanted to go in. Sometimes, you have to drop a Kingdom Come where the people might need some time to catch up to what you are doing, not dumb-down forever.

My Album of the Year Award goes to:

Crime Pays

That's right, Cameron Giles came out of retirement and basically nowhere to swipe this one. Let me explain. I don't like drug rap especially as most people like Fabolous, Rick Ross, or The Clipse present it. It's all fluff, artificial, and doesn't show any emotion either way. It is all just presented while the artists perpetuate hood tales and stereotypes. Cam put out an album that I didn't want to like, I was ready to tear it apart but I couldn't. The album put me into the eyes and mind of Killa Cam as he gets it in Ohio and unapologetically lives his life. I believe every word that Cam says on the album and cannot help but nod my head to a banging soundtrack that blends the best of East Coast, Southern, and Midwestern sounds with his rapid fire flow and constant abuses of both the english language and slang. While it isn't the most consistent overall album, it does what a good album should in my mind, bring me into the artist's world. Congrats Cam, you've pissed people off again.


  1. fuckin amazing. I need to get Cam'ron's jawn and see if you're right. In conclusion: wooooooowwwwww. I resent the lack of underground shit tho

  2. lol I did a different one. Cam's album I didn't want to like but he made me feel like I was him.


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